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Top 4 Media Companies That Use Lark As Their Enterprise Collaboration Software

    Top 4 Media Companies That Use Lark As Their Enterprise Collaboration Software

    In the fast-paced and competitive media environment, efficient communication and collaboration are paramount for success. Developed by ByteDance, Lark is an innovative enterprise productivity and collaboration software. It has become the preferred choice for leading media companies in reshaping their operational dynamics and team engagement.

    In this article, we will look at the top 4 media companies that use Lark as their enterprise collaboration software. We will look at the success stories of these media players, which include Vulcan Post, Mission to the Moon, World of Illusions, and Surgo Media. Their stories illuminate how Lark’s adaptable features have overcome challenges and fostered efficiency.

    Lark Productivity App

    1. Vulcan Post

    Serving as the knowledge hub for Singapore and Malaysia, Vulcan Post is committed to crafting extensive features, opinions, exclusive interviews, and startup news.

    As a media hub, Vulcan Post faced challenges with fragmented digital collaboration tools that led to inefficiencies, subscription drawbacks, and uninspired interfaces. By using Lark, it addressed these challenges by providing an integrated platform. The platform eliminated the need to switch between apps. Besides, it also offered cost-effective solutions such as video conferencing with unlimited hours and substantial storage.

    Impressed by the result achieved in Singapore, Vulcan Post migrated its entire Malaysia business to Lark. In their opinion, Lark is constantly emphasizing its power, cost-effectiveness, and stability. It has positioned itself as a long-term solution for seamless collaboration.

    Vulcan Post is one of the media companies that use Lark as their enterprise collaboration software.

    Vulcan Post is one of the media companies that use Lark as their enterprise collaboration software.
    [Image by Vulcan Post]

    2. Mission to the Moon

    Founded in Thailand, Mission to the Moon is a media venture aimed at sharing stories encompassing business, marketing, inspiration, and lifestyle ideas within the Thai context.

    The challenge for the media company was the inefficiency caused by using common consumer-facing apps. These consumer apps often led to difficulties in tracking messages and deliverables.

    Fortunately, these issues were addressed by Lark’s unified collaboration tools. Tools such as chat and video conferencing provided a seamless remote working experience that enhanced team collaboration. Besides, Lark’s universal Search function also allowed the team to find contacts, documents, and chat groups easily.

    Mission to the Moon is one of the media companies that use Lark as their enterprise collaboration software.

    Mission to the Moon is one of the media companies that use Lark as their enterprise collaboration software.
    [Image by Mission to the Moon]

    3. World of Illusions

    With over 7,000 visitors monthly, the World of Illusions faced operational challenges using over 10 different digital tools. These tools were hard to scale with the increasing demands of the company. Besides, the fragmented workflow hindered tasks like budget approvals and data analysis.

    The World of Illusions team streamlined their collaboration by adopting Lark as their all-in-one tool, enhancing productivity and efficiency. With Lark, they now consolidate tasks such as chat, video conferencing, approvals, tasks, and revenue insights in a single platform. It reduced the time needed to organize and access information from two hours to just 15 to 20 minutes. This centralized approach has fostered improved communication, task organization, and overall workplace productivity.

    The team maximizes Lark’s capabilities by using Lark Base for real-time business metrics, task automation, and inventory management. This consolidated approach reduces time spent on approvals by 75% and minimizes inventory out-of-stock rates by 20%, contributing to enhanced revenue.

    On the other hand, Lark’s Wiki fosters employee engagement, providing organized information accessible to a diverse team. The built-in auto-translation also ensures seamless communication in preferred languages.

    The World of Illusions team appreciates Lark’s team for helping with inventory, budget, and employee management. It feels that the Lark contract is more than just buying a tool. It is a complete partnership experience.

    Dashboard of World of Illusions made by Lark Base.

    The World of Illusions uses Lark Base to create a dashboard that displays real-time business data.

    Leave approval feature of Lark.

    With the introduction of automation tools in Lark Base and Approvals, World of Illusions managers no longer sift through text messages to find requests. Now, they can swiftly review various approvals like vacation requests, reimbursements, or marketing tasks in a matter of seconds.

    4. Surgo Media

    As a media agency operating in the dynamic landscape of social media, Surgo Media found itself grappling with a multitude of challenges stemming from the rapid expansion of its client base. Before using Lark, the company struggled with a wide array of collaboration tools that hindered efficient workflow management. Juggling different platforms for various clients, Surgo faced difficulties in organizing information, lacked a comprehensive view of crucial business metrics, and grappled with inefficiencies in collaboration.

    The shift to Lark enabled Surgo to streamline communication with clients and team members, bringing everything under one platform. The integration of Lark Base dashboards proved to be a game-changer. It offered real-time insights into business performance and saving time. Customizable dashboards allowed Surgo to track essential metrics, such as revenue, sales, and profitability. Besides, automated workflows further enhanced efficiency, enabling Surgo to reclaim valuable time and accelerate project management processes. In essence, Lark emerged as a comprehensive solution that not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Surgo Media but also became a catalyst for improved collaboration.

    Lark scheduler.

    Upon expressing interest and scheduling a call through Lark Scheduler, prospective clients trigger an automated notification via a Lark bot, promptly updating the Surgo Media team about the scheduled meeting and seamlessly integrating it into the team’s calendar.

    Keep track customer and project details via Lark.

    The Surgo team now keep track of everything on Lark, from customer details to project timelines and video meetings.


    In conclusion, the adoption of Lark as the preferred enterprise collaboration software by these top media companies marks a transformative shift in the way they approach communication, project management, and overall business efficiency. Lark’s versatile features, including real-time collaboration, automated workflows, and comprehensive data analytics, have not only streamlined their internal operations but have also enhanced client interactions. Lark’s commitment to innovation and user-friendly design has positioned it as a strategic asset for media companies looking to stay ahead in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the industry.

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