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Experience a revolution in productivity with Lark Malaysia — a dynamic software designed to elevate your team’s collaboration and streamline work processes. Say hello to seamless communication, effortless task management, and unparalleled efficiency. Unleash the power of Lark and transform the way you work!

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Lark Productivity App

Collaborate Smarter

Seamless Productivity: Lark Unleashed

More and more organizations are using Lark for productivity.

What is Lark?

Lark isn’t just a productivity app; it’s a game-changer. Designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace, Lark goes beyond traditional tools. Unleash the potential of your team as Lark seamlessly combines messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative document editing—all in one platform. Break free from the constraints of conventional workflows and embrace the agility of Lark. Elevate your team’s performance and transform the way you work. The future of productivity is here, and it’s called Lark.

All-In-One Enterprise Software

Lark Productivity App - Messenger


Meetings feature of Lark Productivity App


Cloud Docs feature of Lark Enterprise App


Email Feature of Lark Enterprise Software


Approval feature of Lark Productivity App


Calendar feature of Lark Productivity Software


Base Data Management feature of Lark


Lark Productivity App supports Open Platform

Open Platform

Lark OKR


Lark Messenger's Chat feature

Chat with Messenger

Lark’s messenger feature redefine the way teams collaborate, offering a unified platform where productivity thrives. Seamlessly connecting teams, tools, and context within a single chat feed. Lark streamlines communication and task management. Engage in focused discussions with threaded conversations, preventing information overload in group feeds.

Lark Messenger's Chat feature
Lark Enterprise App's Video Conferencing

Meetings via Video Conferences

Lark’s Meetings feature redefines the virtual collaboration experience, seamlessly connecting teams through high-quality video conferences. With an intuitive interface, scheduling and joining meetings is effortless. Lark goes beyond standard video conferencing by incorporating advanced features such as screen sharing and real-time editing of collaborative documents. It fosters dynamic and engaging discussions.

Create and edit documents online easily with Lark.

Cloud Docs & Co-Editing

Lark’s Doc feature revolutionizes content collaboration by seamlessly synchronizing ideas in real-time across Docs, Sheets, and Mindnotes. With robust media support and secure permission controls, elevate your collaboration experience.
Create and edit documents online easily with Lark.
Powerful email capabilities by Lark Mail.

Powerful Lark Mail

Introducing Lark Mail—your all-in-one solution for seamless and efficient email management. Lark Mail offers a comprehensive suite of features without requiring a change in your email habits. Enjoy synchronized mail across devices, offline reading, new email notifications, and more.

Manage approvals on a single platform by using Lark

Manage Approvals on a Single Platform

Introducing Lark’s Approval feature—an integrated hub for streamlined approval processes. Consolidate all approval types in one platform for efficient processing, fostering quick and informed business decisions. Approve requests with a single click, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Tailor your approval process to align with your business needs. Design custom approval workflows that enhance flexibility and adaptability.

Manage approvals on a single platform by using Lark
Stay on schedule with Lark Calendar

Stay Organized with Calendar

Keep your calendars organized in one central place and effortlessly track your team’s availability on the same screen. With Lark, conversations extend beyond calendar holds, promoting comprehensive collaboration.

Finding the perfect time slot is a breeze—compare team members’ calendars side by side directly within the chat. Say goodbye to calendar gymnastics and streamline your scheduling process.

Project Management & Workflow Automation

Lark's Base

Base supports team project management and workflow automation.

Simplify Operational Processes

Monitor task progress and promptly access valuable insights for comprehensive business oversight. Seamlessly transition data from Excel to Base, converting intricate information into actionable insights with just a single click.

Ready-to-use Doc Templates

Lark's document template library supports meeting minutes.
Lark's document template library supports human resources.
Lark's document template library supports marketing plan.
Lark's document template library supports project management.

Lark FAQ, answered

Lark, an all-encompassing productivity superapp, is crafted to optimize collaboration. It unifies chat, meetings, document editing, project management, and automation tools within a seamless platform, streamlining workflows and improving team communication. Serving as a singular solution for diverse requirements, Lark minimizes the need to switch between apps, allowing you to concentrate more on what truly counts.

Lark serves as a primary platform for work communication among teams, incorporating chat, video conferencing, documents, and a diverse set of tools. It stands out as an optimal solution for frontline industries and global teams engaged in cross-border communication. Tailored for teams of varying sizes, from small groups to large multinational corporations, Lark offers versatility. Moreover, it excels as a project management tool, furnishing project managers with robust features to efficiently plan, track, and execute projects.

Lark and Feishu are different products with separate availability regions. Lark is accessible in all non-China markets, whereas Feishu is primarily available within China. Developed by different teams, these products adhere to distinct sets of laws and regulations.

Lark Technologies Pte. Ltd. offers cutting-edge corporate office services through Lark Suite, distinguished by its attributes of “mobile friendliness, real-time collaboration, and consistent accessibility.”

  1. Lark supports translation for 18 languages, facilitating multilingual communication.
  2. Send messages at a later time, useful for collaborating across time zones or during periods of absence.
  3. Easily check whether your sent messages have been read by the recipient.
  4. React to messages with emojis.
  5. Organize relevant messages and replies in a chat using threads, minimizing distractions.
  6. Send and receive audio messages.
  1. Seamlessly transfer data from Google Drive to Lark Docs, whether stored on personal or shared clouds.
  2. Effortlessly bring in local files as Lark Docs, enhancing the collaborative online experience.
  3. Incorporate visually striking flowcharts, diagrams, and schematics directly into Docs.
  4. Easily draw flowcharts, UML diagrams, and structural diagrams within Docs.
  5. Share Docs with external users, customize security permissions, and transfer document ownership as needed.
  6. Leverage the power of formulas and functions in Sheets to perform various types of calculations, enhancing spreadsheet functionality.
  1. Configure triggering conditions and actions to enable automated processes based on data changes within Base.
  2. Build adaptable lightweight databases in Base tailored to your specific business requirements.
  3. Fine-tune access control by configuring who can view and edit specific fields or records in a table.
  4. Consolidate key data by syncing information between different Bases, promoting a unified database approach.
  5. Transform tables into forms with Base’s form view, facilitating quick data collection and addition by sending forms to specific groups or your entire network.
  6. Utilize Base’s automated workflows to effortlessly send customizable sales reports to private and group chats.
  1. Collaborate in real-time from any device. Share live documents, enabling simultaneous scrolling and editing directly within the video call window, even while on the move.
  2. Lark Minutes automatically transcribes video meetings into searchable and collaborative transcripts.
  3. Overcome language barriers with real-time translated subtitles. Lark Meetings ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds can freely communicate in their native languages.
  4. Conduct interactive online meetings and events accommodating up to 1,000 participants. Enable up to 50 breakout sessions for focused group discussions within a meeting.
  1. Translate organizational strategy into measurable results by fostering alignment on individual and team goals.
  2. Access anyone’s OKRs, from team members to the CEO, in their Lark Profile.
  3. Organize teams around strategic goals rather than traditional reporting structures. Features like alignment recommendations and an alignment view facilitate clear communication of business focus for collaborative goal pursuit.
  4. Seamlessly integrate OKR updates into Lark Docs. Insert OKRs, collectively update progress, and sync changes back to the OKR system for a cohesive and integrated user experience.
  5. Gain insights into your team’s “state of health” through intuitive OKR data dashboards.
  1. Bind your Gmail service to Lark Mail, allowing seamless sending and receiving of emails directly within the Lark platform.
  2. Administrators can create public mailboxes, streamlining email management by providing centralized access for multiple users.
  3. Effortlessly configure Outlook accounts for Lark email migration by authorizing the process through the Outlook admin console.
  4. A comprehensive setup guide is available for administrators, offering step-by-step instructions on activating IMAP/SMTP email accounts during migration to Lark Mail.
  5. Access Lark Mail through third-party email clients, providing flexibility and convenience in email management.

Lark Malaysia Blog

Top 9 Features of Lark – Productivity Superapp for Enterprise

In the landscape of collaboration tools, Lark has emerged as a true game-changer. Developed by Lark Technologies, a subsidiary of ByteDance based in Singapore, Lark is a comprehensive communication platform. This enterprise superapp integrates various productivity features such as messaging, meetings, and cloud docs seamlessly. It simplifies communication and fosters teamwork. Lark definitely stands out as an innovative solution for businesses looking to maximize efficiency.

Top 10 Reasons Why More and More Organizations Are Using Lark For Productivity

When it comes to digital productivity tools for enterprises, Lark is one of the platforms that has been gaining remarkable traction worldwide for the past recent years. This all-in-one collaboration suite has swiftly ascended to the forefront of the market. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 reasons why more and more organizations are embracing Lark for productivity. We will dive deeper and discuss why Lark can compete with other big names in the field of productivity apps.