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Website for Digital Learning


Redefine the art of online education for educators. Unlock the power to seamlessly design all-in-one websites that effortlessly blend online courses and live events. Our online learning solution empowers educators to provide a holistic learning experience, enabling students to dive into courses with ease and secure tickets for in-person events.

E-learning management system for educators and online gurus.

Build and Manage Courses

Learning Content Management System

Create and manage online courses by using E-learning management system.

Why Use Our Solution?

In the realm of E-learning, a mere visually appealing website is no longer sufficient. Appnicorn’s E-learning Management System is more than just an ordinary web design. It offers educators a powerful tool that can both showcase and sell their courses seamlessly. We are providing a functional and dynamic platform that can manage online courses and sell event tickets.

Online courses catalogue

Create and Manage Course Catalogs

Effortlessly organize and oversee your educational offerings with our Course Catalog Management solution. Streamline course creation, updates, and accessibility for a seamless learning experience. Elevate your education platform with ease.

Online courses catalogue
Sell event tickets online with Appnicorn's digital LMS.

Sell Event Tickets Online

Empower your business with our all-in-one solution for selling event tickets online! Seamlessly create, manage, and sell tickets directly on your website. Elevate your events and streamline the entire process effortlessly. Take control of your ticket sales journey.

Manage and sell webinars.

Manage and Sell Webinars

Effortlessly manage and monetize your webinars with our comprehensive solution. From creating engaging content to seamless ticket sales, empower your business to thrive in the world of online events.

Manage and sell webinars.
Ecommerce functionalities for a digital learning website.

E-commerce Functionalities

Unlock the full potential of your online store with our comprehensive e-commerce functionalities. From a user-friendly cart page to a seamless checkout experience and secure payment options, elevate your customers’ shopping journey. Experience the future of Online Learning with us!

Event Search Function

Event Search Function

Discover the power of seamless event exploration with our event search function. Effortlessly find and explore a diverse range of available events on your E-learning website.

Event Search Function
Digital learning management system's speaker profiles.

Speaker Profiles

Uncover the stories behind the voices. Explore our speaker profiles to get a glimpse into the expertise and inspiration each speaker brings. Elevate your event experience with captivating insights and knowledge.

Basic Modules of E-learning LMS

For Educators

Online Courses

Developing sections and chapters for online course content.

Event Calendar

Showcasing upcoming events with interactive event calendar.


Gain insights with detailed analytics and comprehensive reporting.


Enhance online learning with engaging and interactive quizzes.


Recognize achievements with customizable certificates of completion.

Responsive Web

Access courses across all devices with responsiveness.


Monetize your courses and events effortlessly with integrated e-commerce.


Boost visibility and attract learners with powerful SEO optimization.

Event Calendar of Appnicorn's E-learning Management System
Speaker's Sessions of Appnicorn's E-learning Management System
Ticket Purchase of Appnicorn's E-learning Management System
Speaker profile with social media links.

E-learning, answered

An E-learning Management System is a comprehensive platform that enables educators to create, manage, and deliver online courses. It facilitates the process of selling offline events and online courses, allowing students to access content online and purchase tickets for events.

The system provides a centralized platform for managing and selling both online courses and event tickets. It streamlines your operations, enhances student engagement, and expands your reach, enabling you to efficiently offer a variety of learning experiences.

The system allows you to upload various types of content, including videos, documents, quizzes, and more. It provides a structured and organized environment for students to access course materials, track their progress, and engage with the learning content.

Absolutely. Our E-learning Management System is designed to support not only online courses but also the sale of tickets for offline events. It offers a seamless process for attendees to purchase tickets, receive confirmations, and access event details.

The E-learning Management System integrates secure payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions. You can set up pricing for courses and event tickets, and students can securely make payments online.

Yes, we offer dedicated technical support to assist with any issues or questions you may encounter while using the system.

Yes, the platform includes features for creating promotional campaigns, discount codes, and special offers to attract more attendees and students.

The system allows for the creation of both recurring and one-time events. Tickets for offline activities can be managed through secure payment gateways, and event details are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

The system is designed to be user-friendly, and you don’t typically need advanced technical skills. However, some familiarity with basic website management may be beneficial for customization and optimization.

Simply contact us through our website, and we will work with you to understand your specific needs.