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Top 9 Features of Lark – Productivity Superapp for Enterprise

    Top 9 Features of Lark – Productivity Superapp for Enterprise

    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication and collaboration tools, Lark has emerged as a true game-changer. Developed by Lark Technologies, a subsidiary of ByteDance based in Singapore, Lark is a comprehensive communication platform. This enterprise superapp integrates various productivity features such as messaging, meetings, and cloud docs seamlessly. It simplifies communication and fosters teamwork. Lark definitely stands out as an innovative solution for businesses looking to streamline their workflow and maximize efficiency.

    In this article, we will dive deep into the top 9 features of Lark. We will explore how each contributes to a more efficient and connected work experience.

    1. Messaging

    Lark’s messaging feature forms the backbone of its communication capabilities. It provides users with a real-time and intuitive platform for instant connection and collaboration. Whether you are working with a team or communicating with colleagues, the messaging feature helps to foster a dynamic and connected work environment.

    Messaging feature of Lark

    2. Meetings

    The meeting feature of Lark takes virtual collaboration to the next level. With seamless video conferencing and audio capabilities, it enables teams to connect and collaborate effortlessly. Lark Meetings offers an intutive interface with live subtitle functionality and robust meeting controls.

    3. Cloud Docs

    The Cloud Docs feature of Lark revolutionizes document creation and collaboration online. With real-time editing, commenting, and version history tracking, teams can work together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations seamlessly. The cloud-based nature ensures accessibility from any device while promoting flexibility and efficient collaboration.

    Collaboration extends beyond co-editing. Easily share your documents in chats and grant permissions with a simple click. Users can also receive chat notifications for document comments, facilitating focused discussions on specific content.

    Cloud Docs feature of Lark

    4. Email

    Lark’s integrated email feature consolidates communication channels. It provides a centralized hub for streamlined communication. This integration ensures that users can manage emails alongside other collaboration tools. It reduces the need to switch between different platforms. Besides, Lark’s email also supports offline reading and additional features for efficient mail sending and receiving.

    5. Calendar

    Lark’s calendar feature not only enables effective schedule organization but also offers a centralized hub for managing individual and team calendars. Easily manage your calendars from a single screen while ensuring everyone is on the same page with deadlines and availability.

    Compare team members’ schedules directly within the chat. The feature helps to simplify the process of finding suitable time slots. Eliminate the hassle of adding individuals by inviting entire groups to events. Users can generate meeting groups directly from calendar invites. Additionally, users can also subscribe to public calendars within their company, such as editorial schedules or town halls, to stay informed about crucial events.

    6. Base

    Base is an innovative addition to Lark’s suite of tools. It is a sheet-based database designed for structured content organization. It facilitates a single source of truth in different views, enhancing project management efficiency. With applications in CRM, task management, recruiting, and content creation, Base integrates seamlessly with Lark. It allows users to track projects directly in documents or spreadsheets.

    Base data management feature of Lark

    7. Approval

    Lark’s Approval feature is a centralized hub that streamlines various approval processes, from documents to leave requests. It fosters seamless collaboration and ensures organizational processes run smoothly. Lark’s Approval handles various approvals and enables swift decision-making. Approve requests effortlessly with a single click, even while on the move.

    Besides, users can also customize the approval process to align with the specific needs of their businesses. It can help to enhance flexibility and efficiency in managing various approval workflows.

    8. Open Platform

    Lark’s open platform invites endless possibilities for customization and integration. Through third-party apps and integrations, users can tailor Lark to suit their specific needs, creating a personalized and efficient workspace.

    9. OKR

    Lark OKR is a visual and interactive tool that empowers users to set specific and tangible goals, monitor outcomes, and score progress. This feature allows individuals and teams to align their efforts with overarching objectives, fostering a results-driven approach.

    OKR feature of Lark


    In conclusion, Lark’s approach to communication and collaboration makes it a standout player in the realm of productivity tools. By seamlessly integrating various office applications and productivity features, Lark offers a unified experience that caters to the diverse needs of modern workplaces. As the workplace continues to evolve, Lark empowers teams to work smarter and achieves tangible results ultimately.

    Feel free to contact Appnicorn if you have like to know more how Lark can help to improve operation efficiency for your business.