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Top 6 Reasons Why Lark Is The Best Collaboration Tool for MNC

    Top 6 Reasons Why Lark Is The Best Collaboration Tool for MNC

    In today’s interconnected business environment, global collaboration is a necessity for multinational corporations and enterprises seeking growth and competitiveness. As businesses expand across borders, they face diverse challenges such as language barriers and digital restrictions. Choosing the right global collaboration tool becomes important to overcoming these hurdles and fostering efficient connectivity.

    In this article, we will explore the top 6 reasons why Lark is the best collaboration tool for multinational corporations (MNCs).

    What is Lark?

    Before we dive into the reasons, we would like to explain what is Lark. Lark is a comprehensive enterprise collaboration platform that seamlessly integrates essential tools such as messaging, document editing, video conferencing, calendar management, and more. At its core, Lark integrates a wide range of productivity features within a single and intuitive platform. Therefore, users will not need to switch between different apps or platforms. Its strength lies in providing a unified space where users can communicate and collaborate easily.

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    1. Robust Data Compliance and Security

    One of the most challenging challenges in global collaboration is managing data compliance across different jurisdictions. Various countries and regions have different laws and regulations about data privacy and security. These regulations are designed to safeguard individuals’ rights and ensure the ethical use of data. Lark addresses this concern by utilizing AWS data centers across key global regions to ensure legal data management.

    Additionally, Lark also offers a Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) option that can enhance data security and compliance with international regulations. BYOS is a concept that allows businesses to integrate and utilize their own storage infrastructure or solutions within the Lark platform. This approach offers flexibility to organizations by allowing them to maintain control over their data while still benefiting from the collaborative features provided by Lark. By utilizing Lark as the collaboration tool, it safeguards multinational corporations from potential legal risks and ensures the secure handling of sensitive information.

    Lark utilizes AWS data centers across globe.

    2. Extensive Translation Support

    Effective communication is at the heart of successful global collaboration. Language barriers can be a significant challenge to various multinational corporations. With the capability to translate over 100 source languages into 18 display languages, Lark facilitates clear communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds. This includes common languages such as Thai, Chinese, and more. It can foster a truly inclusive environment where team members can collaborate seamlessly regardless of their native language. The real-time translation feature not only transcends communication challenges but also enriches collaboration by ensuring that all team members can contribute effectively and understand each other easily.

    Lark translation support.

    3. Global Access

    In the realm of cross-border collaboration, Lark recognizes the challenges posed by internet restrictions in various regions across the globe. The platform is committed to providing unrestricted global access. It ensures that teams can collaborate seamlessly without the hindrance of regional internet restrictions or the need for virtual private networks (VPNs).

    This strategic approach not only simplifies the logistics of collaboration but also contributes to the reliability and stability of communication channels. By providing teams with unrestricted access to the platform, Lark facilitates a fluid and efficient collaborative experience. Teams can now engage in uninterrupted discussions and drive projects forward with improved efficiency.

    4. Localized Technical Support

    Lark’s dedication to providing localized support in multiple languages extends beyond addressing technical issues. It creates a supportive ecosystem where users from diverse linguistic backgrounds can navigate challenges seamlessly. By offering assistance in various languages, Lark provides efficient problem resolutions by acknowledging the cultural nuances inherent in effective customer support. This localized customer support contributes to a more user-friendly environment where users feel understood, supported, and confident in overcoming any obstacles that may arise when using Lark.

    Lark localized customer support

    5. Scalability and Continuous Innovation

    Lark’s commitment to continuous innovation positions it as a dynamic partner for businesses navigating the potential of scalability. In contrast to rigid collaboration tools, Lark acknowledges that businesses evolve and expand into new markets. These businesses require adaptive solutions that allow enterprises to effortlessly accommodate growing collaboration needs as they enter new phases of development. Lark’s regular updates ensure that businesses benefit from the latest features without the disruptions typically associated with changing platforms. In essence, Lark becomes more than just a tool. It is also a strategic asset that evolves along with businesses and fosters a future-ready collaboration environment.

    6. Comprehensive Approach to Global Challenges

    Lark’s comprehensive approach extends far beyond isolated solutions. By seamlessly integrating features that address critical aspects such as data management, language barriers, customer support, and scalability, Lark becomes an all-encompassing solution. This helps to minimize the complexities associated with juggling multiple tools. Besides, it also established a unified and streamlined collaboration environment.

    A cohesive platform like Lark can help enterprises to deal with various challenges confidently. It fosters an atmosphere that encourages seamless global operations. By using Lark, businesses embrace a consolidated approach that promotes efficiency, connectivity, and resilience in the face of diverse global challenges.


    In conclusion, the top reasons why Lark is the right collaboration tool for multinational enterprises lie in its robust data compliance and security measures, extensive translation support, and other critical factors. By choosing Lark, enterprises can sidestep the complexities associated with fragmented data and the hidden costs of managing multiple tools. Lark stands as a singular and comprehensive solution that empowers enterprises to efficiently navigate the challenges of global expansion.